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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

~ Socrates

I realize that, once again, I disappeared from my blog. I continue down this road of hot and cold on my writing, usually leaning more toward cold than anything, and it makes me feel bad about myself. It’s a pretty good metaphor for my life in general. I have grand ideas and basically zero follow through. At some point, something has gotta give. I need to either step up and live up to my own expectations, or lower my expectations.

Well, in a cruel twist of irony, my inability to manage my life has caused some pretty major upheaval and change in said, poorly managed life, requiring me to get my shit together and manage my life.

Now, I started this post with the Socrates quote for a reason. I spent the first several months of this period of change, fighting the change. Well, to be specific, depending on the hour I was either actively fighting the change or manically embracing it. Which, considering that my struggles with Bipolar Disorder are the center of this whole mess, seems pretty appropriate.

Now I find myself in a place where almost everything is new. It is intimidating. And exhilarating. And scary as hell. But I am committed to embrace this change and run with it. One of the benefits of my new situation is that on a daily basis, I am writing. I’m blogging and managing social media and learning a lot and really, really hope to apply what I am doing now at work to my life. And while it isn’t a guarantee that this blog will now become a little more active, it is a hope. I’m going to build on the new. Wish me luck!


Chip Off The Old Writer’s Block

As I begin to consciously work on writing on a regular basis, I am drawn to a comment on my son’s report card from this, his 4th grade year.  Under the comments in the Language Arts section, his teacher writes:

He also wrote several wonderful life stories which he was so proud of because they were several paragraphs long.  He included dialogue, inner monologue and emotion.”

I have always recognized Jamison’s vivid imagination.  He can sit for long stretches with a blank page and a couple of crayons and sketch out some very detailed battle plans for his Lego armies.  He will alter and make changes to the sketch, as his story evolves.  Recently he has taken a strong interest in Lego stop-animation and really wants to make a short film.   He has story ideas and will surf on YouTube for hours watching other films to get ideas.  He has found a handful of Lego sites and he will scour them looking for the precise pieces he will need for his movie.

For a couple of years now I have been pleased that he seems to have inherited my love of reading and he will always volunteer to come with me to a bookstore or the library, simply to browse.  He even gained my twisted love of office supply stores!  It seems we also share an interest in telling stories, both those about our lives and those we dream up.

I can’t wait to see what he will come up with next!