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My Hall Pass As Well

I love Paul Rudd. There is nothing sexier than a funny man, and he is that. Plus adorable. This video, from the Comedy Central “Night of Too Many Stars” event to raise money for Autism charities, is amazing.


Unique Point of View

I had a patient today, a new patient to our doctors, who was previously diagnosed with her colon cancer and has undergone chemo already at a difference facility.  This lady can be classified as a “spitfire.”   You may call her “quite the character.”  Or maybe she has “some of the crazy.”  Either way, she made me laugh.

She has decided to be really pissed off at her cancer.  She’s mad as hell and is not going to take it.  But … the best line was her description of what cancer is to her:

“It’s like a dick with no conscience.”

 And that my friends.  Is pure awesomeness.