Barbershop What Now?

I will talk about Barbershop in my posts.  Here is where you can get an explanation as to what the frack I am talking about.

Here is my very lame attempt to describe something that is … well … pretty indescribable.  Barbershop Harmony.

Have you ever seen the movie Best in Show?  Then it is pretty much like that, but with singing and quartets and choruses and stuff.

There are organizations for women: Sweet Adelines International, which I am a member of, as well as Harmony Incorporated, which many of my friends are members of.  And an organization for men (Barbershop Harmony Society) and my family is deeply involved in both.

My daughter and I sing in The Scioto Valley Chorus.  My husband directs (and my son is a member of) The Alliance Chorus.  My husband is also in a quartet called The Allies (who just finished 5th at the latest BHS International Contest).

For a far better description of what Barbershop Harmony is … go to the History page that the Barbershop Harmony Society has.   There is also a presentation that was created by a gentleman named David Wright that is a fantastic history review of the American art form of Barbershop Harmony singing.  And lastly, some friends of mine have started a Barbershop Wiki project that goes further into information about affiliate organizations, individual quartets and choruses and other information.

So, now when I talk about Barbershop … you will have some frame of reference to know what I am talking about.  And like I said … if you have seen Best in Show … we are just as crazy as they are.  🙂


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