How I Spent my Summer Vacation

Summer is here!  My favorite season by far.  Not really the best season to love when you live in Ohio, because those other seasons seem to get in the way every year, but I do love summer.

While I never wrote the How I Spent my Summer essay in school, I am taking an idea from the wonderful Zoot and compiling a list of things I’d like to accomplish this summer.

  • Teach Jamison how to ride a bike
  • Go to Zoombezi Bay
  • Start running again
  • Sing in the top ten with my chorus, SVC
  • Read a schload of books
  • Go to the Park of Roses
  • Visit the new Columbus Commons downtown.
  • Go to a Clippers game
  • Watch my husband and son get a medal with The Alliance
  • Invite friends over for a party
  • Clean out the garage
  • Spend a day on the lake with the family
  • See my niece play softball
  • See my nephew play baseball
  • Go to Dawes Arboretum
  • Get a pedicure
  • Watch my husband win  gold medal with The Allies
  • Start writing again
  • Go to The Wilds
  • Go for a run with Alexa
  • Take a road trip to see something new

Many of these things are easily doable.  Some may be wishful thinking.  But … I’d better get started, summer never lasts nearly as long as I’d like it to.


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