It’s Real In My Mind

I know it has already been established that I have some of the crazy in me.  I have the music too … but alas, I do have the crazy.  While I am “touched,” there are some things I’m pretty sure of.  At least I’ve convinced myself of these things.  One of the things I have convinced myself of, is the existance of an unusual side effect to one of the medications I am on. 

I am on Cymbalta.  And I have a side effect that I attribute to this drug.  It gives me shoulder pain and stiffness, neck stiffness and an unconcious habit of clenching my jaw.  For reals.  I attribute this to Cymbalta because I had to go off of it for a couple of weeks and the pain and stiffness went away during that time.  I also was heavy into Autumn Quarter and I originally thought my symptoms were from note taking and general stress.  But now, I’m on winter break, and the pain is back.  Weird right?

I am pretty sure I read somewhere on The Internet that others on Cymbalta had these same problems.  And you know, everything on the Internet is real yo.  Like those talking cats that play pattycake. 

Anyway, since this is what is known as an “non-labeled” side-effect, I am thinking of giving the combination of muscle wackness an official name and making an official-because-mom-said-so side effect.  Now I just need a good name for my side effect. 

“Clench Shoulder.”  “Jaw Neck”  Ideas??


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