Double T

I’m a huge fan of Top Chef.  This “All Star” season is full of the awesome.  I am enjoying seeing lots of my all time favorite chef/personalities (Richard!  Antonio!  Fabio!) and also getting a chance to hate a few people all over again (Spike!  Dale T!  Marcel!).  Then there is the guy from the only season that I didn’t see (Season 1) who, all I can say is:  WTF is going on with this Stephen guy?

While I am having fun reliving the love and hate of seasons past … the best part of this season is what I am lovingly calling: “Double T.”

I have already professed my eternal love for Tom Colicchio.  I have a soft spot for bald men (sorry Stu – I love you even with all of your hair).  Add in that he cooks and can be a total smart-ass – total bonus.

And then.  Be still my heart …..

Tony Bourdain.  I. Love. Him.

The combination of amazing chef, talented writer and possibly the most foul-mouthed, snarky, hilarious man on earth … he really turns me on.  I mean really.  He is a big, mean, hysterical, rough, talented, gnarly teddy bear.  LOVE HIM!

I have now caught up on the first two episodes and cannot wait to see how it plays out going forward.  I love that Antonio and Richard continue to create some awesome stuff.  I’m glad that Jen left (I may have a soft spot for snarky, smart-assed men, I do not have a soft spot for mean, bitchy women).  This Stephen guy continues to baffle me.  He’s like a weird version of Clay Aiken – but more geeky, strange and over the top.  If that is even possible.  Antonia and Dale L are both as adorable as ever and Casey, who I wasn’t sure about the first time, is starting to grow on me.  It should be a fun season.  I get to watch excitement in the kitchen while great chefs make awesome food and also get a side of Double T on top.


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