Dear Mr. D. Bag …

I have a teacher this quarter who is not originally from these great United States.  Now, I’m not a bigot-ish kind of person.  Not at all really.  So I don’t want to assume that this guy is an asshat because he is originally from Romania.   Whatever his reasons.  Total Asshat.

This is on online class, so automatically it is heavy on the writing assignments, just because of the nature of the online class concept.  This I am aware of and used to as I have taken many online classes so far.  But explain this logic (or lack thereof) to me.

Last week he assigned one lecture because to his mind it was a long one and we had  quiz that week.  Cool.  Easy week.  I like that.

However, this week he assigns THREE lectures.  Halfway through the first I realize it is just as long if not longer than the single lecture we had last week.  Not only being Thanksgiving week here in the US at our particular school it is also Michigan Week.  The week we play our big rival in one of the biggest football games of our school’s year.  It is a BIG DEAL at this school.

With the BIG GAME being the same day that my husband and I took the kids to his parents for our Thanksgiving with them – we already  had lots going on.  On top of that – that was the same day he added in the third lecture of the week.  A lecture I have to read/listen to and submit some discussion responses by Sunday.  The next day.


So in between helping with food and such, I spent much of my Saturday with my face stuck in my laptop (not nearly as much fun as it sounds) reading about Glam Metal and Punk.  Any other day this might have been somewhat enjoyable.   But not when there was much fun to be had, food to be eaten, some beer to be drank and some refs to yell profanities at.

Ass.  Hat.


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