Here’s a Tip

This is a tip for any high school kids out there thinking about getting your first job.  I write this primarily for my 16 year old daughter (who I will not name because I embarass her enough on a daily basis.  She knows who she is.) who has been thinking about looking for her first job.

Here you go:  If you get a job at your local grocery store and work either at the register or bagging groceries at the checkout … and the person you are helping is an adult who is buying groceries with their own money that they worked 40 hours that week to make so they can buy things to support their family, which probably includes a teenage kid much like yourself … please for the love  of all that is Holy … don’t bitch about how horrific your life is and how hard it is to remember to study for you ACT test and how much it sucks to be a senior in high school because it is so unbelievably difficult … SHUT UP!

First of all – you are in high school.  You live at home and your parents work all week to buy you food and clothing and shelter and things you need to survive (as well as all of the  other crap you THINK you need to survive).  Unless you are God forbid homeless or abused, your life does not suck that much.

Secondly – If you can’t stop the teenage whining long enough to work a shift at Kroger … just stay home.  Having a job is not just so that you can make money to go to the mall or whatever you kids do these days.  Having a job means that you have a customer or client that you are providing a service to.  Part of providing that service means that you suck it up, smile and don’t make my experience so crappy with your complaining that I want to hit you on the head with the grapefruit I just bought.

Those of us that come to where you work for your service really don’t want to hear about how hard your history class is or how mad your boyfriend made you or how much it sucks to have to go home and study for your ACT test.  We don’t want to hear you advise the kid who is bagging groceries at your lane that she should just “stay a Junior forever” because that is easier than being a Senior.  Blah, blah, blah … shut it already.


Okay … I feel better now.  This was your teenage-job-seeker public service announcement for the day from me.

You are welcome.


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