Hallelujah! Holy S#%t! Pass the Tylenol!

Actually … you don’t have to pass the Tylenol at all.  If you have been reading along, you know why that merits a Hallelujah!

As of last week, for the first time since May 16th … I didn’t have any migraine or aura symptoms.  FINAL-FREAKING-LY!!!

It has been a long and very frustrating three months.  But with the help of my awesome Psychiatrist and my awesome-er Neurologist – I have been fixed.   A nice combination of Lamictal and Norvasc did the trick and I am so happy about that.  My mood has improved and I think that is a combination of both the Lamictal and the ending of the constant pain and discomfort.

The pain is gone, but I still am working on getting a good therapist that I connect with.  I’m certainly not perfect, but damn do I feel better.  Thanks to all who sent good and positive thoughts, vibes and prayers my way.  I deeply appreciate it!  Here is hoping I can go back to my  normal sarcastic and snarky self!


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