He Gets It Honestly

I spent a portion of my day today doing ECGs.  I think I did three or four … I lost count.  Anyway, all of the patients giggled at me, as I quietly (or not so much so) mumbled to myself every step of the way.  Yes.  When I’m doing something like that, where I need to concentrate, I tend to talk to myself.

Flash forward to right this second.  I’m sitting here trying to get a few things accomplished (aka: catching up on my reader feed) and my son is sitting on the floor in front of me.  Playing a game of chess.  Against himself.  Totally doing an out-loud play-by-play of the match.  Against himself.  I am hearing things like this:

“Boom!  Nothing can hurt you!”

“I can’t believe he moved his king there!”

“And so … he takes the knight … he’s in check!”

I started to giggle to myself and was reminded of the giggling earlier today that was directed to me … for basically the same thing.

PS:  Ignore my sub-standard photo quality.  My camera is with my husband.  In Sweden.

PPS:  Don’t judge my son’s unique choice of snack combinations (Blizzard with a yogurt and cashew chaser)


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