Pain. It Sucks.

I started back to work today after a mini stay-cation.  I took a long weekend (Friday – Tuesday) and stayed home with the kids and did my very best to do a lot of nothing and relax.  Unfortunately, whatever is happening in my brain didn’t much care if I was at work or lounging at home … I still had episodes of pain and vibrations.  But I knew this would happen.

Yesterday was the one week mark of starting on Lamictal and I do see a small change.  My episodes are still happening daily, but they’ve gone from about 75% of my day to about 50% of may day (some days are better than others) and the average pain level of the episodes has gone from 7-8 out of 10 to about 4 out of 10.  For those not familiar with the pain scale, they went from “hurts a whole lot” to “hurts a little more.”   Or from a sad face (without tears) to a neutral (this is really annoying) face.

So while my mini-vacation wasn’t a magical cure for all that ails me, I do find myself a bit less stressed.  I thinking it is a combination of a few days off and a slight decrease in my symptoms.  Tomorrow looks to be quite a busy day at work … so we’ll see what adding some stress into the equation does.

Next week brings an EEG and my first appointment with my new Psychiatrist.  More hopeful things to look forward to.

Thanks to all of you that have commented here and sent me notes and cards.  It helps me to get this out of my brain and written down so to speak and knowing I have support from so many wonderful friends is also helpful beyond words.

I’ll leave you with one of the most perfect “mom face” pictures ever recorded.  If they put the word “mom face” in the dictionary … I think they might use this one.  This is what happens when you give the camera to the 9-year old and let him go wild.


3 thoughts on “Pain. It Sucks.

    1. I know, right? He captured that perfectly and I’m sure he was doing something to deserve it.

      And now as I look back over this post … I have no idea why I put this picture with it. complete randomness.

  1. hey mom .. week one of lamictal and you’re seeing some change? very cool .. wait until you’re up to full dosage ! .. i swear, lamictal is my friend … keeps me from going crazy, amongst other things…

    keep the faith !
    hugs hugs hugs

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