What is Smaller Than …

Baby steps?

Well, whatever it is … that is what I’m taking.  But at least I’m taking steps somewhere.

I met with a new Neurologist today.  So far, I like him quite a bit.  I was first a little surprise to know that he is a board certified Neurologist AND Psychiatrist.  Total bonus for me.  He listened to me ramble and blather and slur my way through my last two months of hell, as well as my last several years of migraine history.  I think that by the end we were on the same page.  I’ve had them forever … I have had a new kind of symptom kick up, once a couple of years ago and again two months ago … the plan of attack up to now is not working.

The very best thing I heard him say went something like this: “there is something not working right in your brain and we need to find out what it is.”  Amen and Hallelujah!  I know it sounds crazy to be happy to have someone tell you that something might not be right inside your brain … but dammit I knew that something wasn’t right in there and no one else seemed to want to really, I mean REALLY, believe me.

He also said he would like to be aggressive, particularly with medication, to get my symptoms to stop so I can also try to get my other mental health problems under control.  He agreed that this is making everything worse and I wanted to just hug him.

So here is the plan:  I am starting a new medicine tonight: Lamictal (sound familiar Mo?) and it is one of those meds that you have to ramp up.  I’ll take a half pill once a day for two weeks, then a half a pill twice a day for two weeks, etc, etc … until we get to the dose that works to rid my brain of the rattling and buzzing and pain and stuff.  He said that once we get that all under control, we can look at maybe starting to wean off some of the other things I’m on.  But for now they are helping, some more than others, so he doesn’t want to mess with them.

(He did ask what my dose of Wellbutrin is and I replied with 150mg which he called the “baby dose” and said I should probably be on at least 300 mg … but we decided to leave that to my actual psychiatrist that I see in couple of weeks.)

He also is going to have me come back to have an EEG or Electroencphalography, which measures the electrical waves and such in your brain.  Like I said, he suspects that something is not right and the MRI is not showing anything obvious, so we need to keep checking.  (Did I mention that I like this guy?)  So I start the meds today, I get the EEG in three weeks and will see him again in five weeks to go over results and talk about the meds and if/how they are working.  He also does some other kinds of brain testing in his office (like EMG and ENG) … but these are baby steps.  He told me up front that I would not magically start feeling better right away and it could be a slow process … but it is a process and that makes me very hopeful.

So in three weeks, on August 3rd, I want all of you to imagine me with something looking like this on my head:

PS:  I”m pretty sure they won’t be using the “cap” method.

PPS:  Don’t worry … I will take pictures.

Although I think I’d prefer he just do the Vulcan Mind Meld … ESPECIALLY  if it could be done by my favorite Vulcan

I think that could make all of my pain go away.


6 thoughts on “What is Smaller Than …

  1. Kim

    sounds like the treatment I have been on (successfully!) FOR YEARS! Although I am not on Lamictal, I am on topopax, which is also an anti seizure drug. I also had to ‘ramp up’ slowly. I started with 25mg and eventually got up to the max dose. I am now back to about 50mg a day. One thing I don’t like about it is it messes with my memory. Don’t know about the effects of Lamictal.
    Hope it works for you as well as it has for me!

  2. I had no idea you were going through hell like this! You always seem the happy Girl I see at International every Year.

    Hang in there pretty Girl. You WILL get through this. Hugs and a prayer heading your way.


  3. ok !— progress is better than stagnation !!
    when is your next appointment with him?– what is his initial opinion of where you’re at – and what is your next move?

      1. I’m hoping the same Mo! It’s interesting that my new Neurologist is also a board certified Psychiatrist. I’m finally feeling pretty hopeful about all of this. I see the Neurologist again in 5 weeks, have the EEG in three. I see the Psychiatrist and therapist in two. So it is finally all coming together.

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