Hope Springs … Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment for a second opinion with a new Neurologist.  I’m hopeful and excited and really praying that he will give me some other kind of option.  Preferably one that works, as my head was KILLING me all day today.  Pain on top of vibrations.  And I looked like a drunk all day too.  A nurse described me as looking “wobbly” and I actually bashed my head into a wall trying to turn around to say something to someone.

So … I am planning on having a new plan by the end of tomorrow.

Here’s to hope.  And Shamrocks.

Because they make me smile.


2 thoughts on “Hope Springs … Tomorrow

  1. I so love this picture, you should enter it in a contest. My prayers for your relief, for the skill of the new neuro guy and some long awaited answers.

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