The Non-Update Update

For anyone wondering … I’m still here and yes, my head still is all whacked out and hurting and vibrating and other such craziness.  However slow it is, there is progress being made.  I hope to hear from a new Neurologist office early this week about getting in to see a new guy.  Who is highly recommended by a couple of my co-workers.  I also start my various Psych appointments the first week of August, which was the earliest I could find anywhere after making daily calls to just about every joint covered by my insurance.

So I’m trying to keep on keeping on.  I’m stuck in this rapid cycling up and down thing that is really annoying and I seem to be getting more actual headaches along with the vibrations … but that is all probably just the weight of it all weighing down on me.

I’m planning a couple of long weekends from work where I plan to do NOTHING but either sit in the sun in my backyard or sit in the sun at the pool.  I want to try to start writing more and also start taking more pictures.  So I’m making a conscious effort to take time each day to read or write or take a picture of something … distraction techniques work so very well with kids … maybe they will work with my brain too.

I will close this with a picture I recently took on a trip to Philadelphia.  For some reason I’m drawn to cemeteries when I have my camera, and this is the Christ Church Burial Ground, where Benjamin Franklin is buried.  It is a very old and beautiful cemetery.  This is one of my favorite shots from my little bit of time there.


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